Fr. William A. Schmitz

                     Born ---------- April 10 1911

                     Ordained ---- June 11 1938

                     Died ---------- April 14 1970



Brother Sir Knight Dick Gonzales and Fr. William Schmitz


   Fr. William A. Schmitz was born in Belgium Wisconsin on April 10 1911 and was ordained to the Priesthood on June 11 1938.

   Fr. Schmitz came to Pasco from a previous assignment in Walla Walla to become St. Patrick’s new Pastor, April 29  1942.

   Along with all the responsibilities of being a community’s faith leader he was instrumental in planning and getting built a parish school. St. Patrick School was opened in 1951 and was the first parochial school in the Tri-Cities. Fr. Schmitz drove the schools first school bus for many years to the students delight or fear.

   With the growth of St. Patrick’s, Fr. Schmitz also served as Pasco’s spiritual leader when the NEW unique church and rectory was built and dedicated in 1963.

   Fr. William A. Schmitz passed into Heaven April 14 1970 and is interned at Pasco’s City view cemetery.


Fr Schmitz grave

  May Father William A. Schmitz rest in peace.

  A true and faithful servent to his people.


   Fr. Schmitz’s personal chalice is currently being used during mass at St. Patrick’s.