Assembly Chalice Program


    We have a tradition in our assembly that when a Sir Knight passes away we honor him with a Chalice. A distinctive 24-karat gold-plated chalice featuring the Fourth Degree emblem along with our assembly name will also have the deceased Brother Sir Knights name engraved forever on the bottom plate. This chalice will then be presented in due time to a Priest, Bishop or local church where it will be used in the holy sacrifice of the Mass. Wherever that may be our brother Knight will be always remembered.

    We have placed our chalices with local priests, newly ordained priests, Priests in Mexico and as far away as Fiji and the Philippines.

    As of March 2021, The Fr. William A. Schmitz assembly has engraved and placed 52 chalices in memory of our brothers that have gone before us.

    The Chalice Program is a beautiful and lasting way to pay tribute to a Sir Knight who has passed away. It is our hope that this lasting example of fraternal brotherhood and respect will offer great comfort to the family members of a deceased brother Sir Knight and worthy member of our assembly.

     May all of our deceased Brother Sir Knights rest in peace, and know that they will never be forgotten.


  Below is a listing of Priests and other locations that the Fr. William A. Schmitz assembly has had the honor and privalage of presenting chalices in memory of our deceased brother Sir Knights.


   Fr. Osmar R Aquirre

   Fr. John Birk

   Fr. Jaime Carrdona

   Fr. Eduardo Chavez

   Fr. Rex Familiar

   Fr. Christian Melendez-Cruz

   Fr. Rogelio Gutierrez

   Fr. Kurt Hadley

   Fr. Jose Hernandez

   Fr. Heliodoro Lucatero

   Fr. Fernando Maldonado

   Fr. Jose Jaime Maldonado

   Fr. Luta Nsubuga

   Fr. Mathew Nicks

   Fr. Rory Pitstick

   Fr. Richard Poole

   Fr. Gusavo Ruiz

   Msgr. Mario A Salazar

   Fr. Richard Sedlacek

   Fr. Kenneth St Hilaire

   Fr. Dan Steel

   Fr. Dale Tuckerman

   Fr. Mark Anthony - Philippines

   Fr. Eusebio Martinez - Texas

   Fr. Jorege Obdeilio Ramirez - El Salvador

   Priest in Fiji

   Priests in Guatemala - several chalices

   Priest in Montana

   Priests in Mexico - several chalices

   St. Paul Parish - Eltopia

   St. Joseph Parish - Kennewick - several chalices

   St. Patrick Parish - Pasco - several chalices

   St. Joseph Parish Chapel - Kennewick - 2 chalices

   St. Joseph’s Sisters Convent Chapel - Kenn.

   St. Francis Cabrini Parish - Benton City

   Tri-Cities Prep High School - Pasco - 2 chalices


  It is our hope that these chalices will be used in the most holy sacrifice of the Mass for many years and every time they will be used our brother Sir Knights will be remembered.