Our Color Corps / Honor Guard Members


 HonorBobS   HonorKarlH   HonorDarrellH         HonorMikeS    HonorBobOtemp     HonorJeffS    HonorKenT    HonorRamonMTemp     HonorMarkStemp     HonorSteveMtemp    HonorJonathonP    HonorJeremyS

   The Color Corps / Honor Guard is a very important part of any assembly. These Sir Knights who willingly give many hours of visible service are what people (especially non Catholics) see and relate to when they think of the 4th degree of the Knights of Columbus.

  The Fr. William A. Schmitz assembly has always had dedicated Color Corps members. They have served and honored our assembly and members at rosaries and funerals of deceased brother Sir Knights, Priests and Deacons ordinations, diocesan functions and many other church and civic events.

  We also work closely with our brother Sir Knights in Regalia from Richland assembly #1174 and Holy Spirit assembly #3385 whenever the need arises.